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The official music video for “Bed” by Nicki Minaj feat. Ariana Grande. Download the song here:

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Candy Lev - 23.07.2018
i wanted to see much more of Ariana...
Anthony swoop - 23.07.2018
The song is ok. The video is DOPE! U know what I'm talkn bout fella's, lol. Couple Bad B's in lingerie!
Stark333 - 23.07.2018
Audrey's Quality - 23.07.2018
Their collabs are always amazing !
Grace Troutt - 23.07.2018
ily so much
Melodie Minaj - 23.07.2018
my baby is a mermaid 😍
Candice Stephenson - 23.07.2018
I wonder if these two realize how many girls have gotten their asses beat for listening to/dancing to their music lmao
Scarede ncrew - 23.07.2018
I love🇵🇦🔥🔥.
Summer Schandoney - 23.07.2018
Kinda sounds like something from 2013. pretty disappointed
Dream Song - 23.07.2018
It’s not the lil mermaid anymore
Kossy k - 23.07.2018
I came for Odell and Brad Wing 😂
jaqlynne hernandez - 23.07.2018
Ari wasnt even in it really
Alex Win - 23.07.2018
Shoulda let ari just body the chorus but 🔥🔥
Caique Olivers - 23.07.2018
GJON REZAJ - 23.07.2018
Literally, Nicki is out here doing the MOST while Ariana over here mad chill still in the same spot the entire vid XDXD
Fun Slime With Miguel - 23.07.2018
Oh yea
Marycleia GABRiELE - 23.07.2018
Como sempre um arraso!
Line · - 23.07.2018
*Can someone tell, the site to download the latest western songs and also popular. A very fast site update (upload new songs released).*
A Person - 23.07.2018
The lyrics in this song are...not good. The beat is old nicki but the verses are not old nicki... :/
Helio Loy - 23.07.2018

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