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  • Видео добавлено : 18.01.2017
  • Автор клипа: DJ Electric Samurai
  • Продолжительность музыкального ролика: 9:15
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  • Скачано: 31958035
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I made a video of one of my favorite tracks [japanese anime /old cartoons/trippy images]

Astrix fourth studio album, “” was released on February 2016.
Released on Hommega Productions.
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Pikachu on Acid (1080p HD)

All's Fair At the Fair COLOR CLASSIC

Fleischer Cartoons - An Elephant Never Forgets

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DJ Electric Samurai - 15.12.2017
Subscribe to Astrix channel: bit.ly/SubscribeAstrix Deep Jungle Walk live - www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDZt1mFz71I Astrix He.art full album - www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlaSdG5gMBY
Turbox360 - 19.08.2019
So beautiful...
Klaus Sieben - 18.08.2019
I should go to bed
braunihawk - 18.08.2019
Wie geil ist das denn bitte? Das intro ist ultranice, und dann dieses geflacker. Good Job, mehr davon bitte
Scorpioon Graphics - 18.08.2019
why does the video make sense
Wooful x - 18.08.2019
I want to understand what the heck the "kids" in class room and the teacher was talking about..
Cerebral Cortex - 18.08.2019
fuuuck bro. it's beautiful.
俺がドラコ・マルフォイ - 17.08.2019
チン!!!!!!ポ♪ チン!!!!!!ポ♪ チン!!!!!!ポ♪ チン!!!!!!ポ♪ チン!!!!!!ポ♪
Florin - 17.08.2019
Some lirycs would be good damn not again damn im stoned again
GioRgos oRfanidis - 17.08.2019
Smoke weed now and listen this;
milenski tv - 17.08.2019
Yo man I'm trippin
Mr globypants - 17.08.2019
When you eat 3 vitagummies instead of 2
Fabian Peter - 17.08.2019
Liegt de. S an den Pappen oder sagt des Ann Anfang schieb die Optik
RED CLOUD ALPHA - 17.08.2019
5:16 is my favorite part.
Giorgio Kolmus - 16.08.2019
Holy fuck man .. this is from another dimension and i fucking love it
RED CLOUD ALPHA - 16.08.2019
The 11k dislikes are people who don't know about the beauty of LSD.
Maxi Medina - 16.08.2019
Gate sound effect
DAVID Monier - 16.08.2019
WeSh ツ - 15.08.2019
What a trip...
Novelee Herold - 15.08.2019
that is the best thing i've ever heard and i'm not on drugs lol

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