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  • Видео добавлено : 11.03.2014
  • Автор клипа: Košické kultúrne centrá
  • Продолжительность музыкального ролика: 53:27
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Kaschauer klezmer band played on Saturday March 8th 2014 in the Kasarne / Kulturpark great concert full of klezmer melodies soak with folk musical traditions of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Slovak and Romani folklore, enriched with elements of classical and modern music. Sold out concert hall rewarded them for it with thunderous applause.
Kaschauer klezmer band odohrali v sobotu 8. marca 2014 v Kasárňach/Kulturparku skvelý koncert plný klezmerových melódií presiaknutých folklórnymi hudobnými tradíciami východnej Európy, Balkánu, slovenského a rómskeho folklóru, obohatené o prvky klasickej i modernej hudby. Vypredané hľadisko ich za to odmenilo búrlivým potleskom.

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Alekss Voroncovs - 14.11.2018
Came here from John Zorns Acoustic Masada where he mixes free jazz and klezmer. I like it! Different and takes on its own type of journey.
François Redhon - 09.11.2018
www.kosiceklezmer.sk/en/about-us -----------Sur les traces des klezmorim d'avant la Shoah ... Excellent !
abe1440 - 09.11.2018
great Klezmer Music
Ervin Garai - 04.11.2018
Ich bin Deutche aus Vojvodina und musse mich enschuldigen fur ales
Lee C - 30.10.2018
My mother was from there.
Pashute - 29.10.2018
you have some subtle but important mistakes in the rhythm, and therefore lose and miss the internal beauty and power of the tune.
Brett Allen - 07.10.2018
I love it, but cannot help but feel like we have been reduced to a museum exhibit. Yiddish and Kletzmer....for the win.
No Gods! No Masters! - 25.09.2018
Danke aus Deutschland an euch :-) Ich bin froh, solch frisch verspielter Musik lauschen zu dürfen. Ich tanze euch :-)
Aki Fleshler - 23.09.2018
Thank you Slovak friends for remembering our great cross-cultural heritage...
Fedele Colla - 22.09.2018
Rene Sanchez - 31.08.2018
Hermosas Melodias
pseibiltz - 27.08.2018
Please someone knows the name of music at 40:00? grato
Steven Schuyler - 08.08.2018
Mazel-Tov. I'm not Jewish. Did I do that right?
John Penny - 06.07.2018
I played in a 'traditional' ceilidh band for some time and this type of music was always a big hit at weddings, although we didn't know many tunes I'm afraid. Sadly, although we gradually increased our repertoire, we all suffered major health issues and the band folded. Great fun whilst it lasted though!
Robert King - 05.07.2018
Great music, but the stereo channels are reversed. I had to put my headphones on backwards for the instruments to match up with their positions in the video.
camtido - 03.07.2018
2:33 What song is this?
Derrik Bosse - 24.06.2018
You can tell they rehearsed like, one or two times before the gig lol
Sir LTB 44 - 21.06.2018
Sir LTB 44 - 21.06.2018
Stéphane Moskala - 15.06.2018
Comment se nomme la chanson à 20.52 ?

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