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  • Автор клипа: Cameron Thrower
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Sean is taken to a motel and is given a prostitute for his 18th birthday by his father. He must sleep with her to "fix" his questionable homosexuality.

"Pretty Boy" is a coming of age story of a young bullied teen, Sean, struggling with his sexuality and the hardships of high school. After his father finds some questionable magazines in his room, this devout Christian will go to any lengths to get his son to find the light and "perform" the way a man should. Sean is introduced to Katie, a prostitute that understands the stigmas of modern society and helps him see the true light that is within him.

"Pretty Boy" is meant to inspire our youth to follow their hearts, to seek out their true family if "...the family they were born into isn't the family they're meant to be with."

Nick Eversman ()
Rebekah Tripp ()
Jon Briddell (

Director/ Writer/ Producer: Cameron Thrower ()

Director of Photography: Jesse Aragon ()

Music By: Lillard Anthony

Production Designer: Gustavo Ramos
Editor: Cameron Thrower
Associate Producers: Mike Chodler, Wiley Ho, Corey Cloos, Anne Montavon, Jeremy Rodriguez, & Tom Scorer

Costume Designer: Gustavo Ramos
Production Manager: Anne Montavon
First Assistant Director: Jeremy Rodriguez
Gaffers: Doug Potts & Brad Wilder
Best Boys: Nick Federoff & Rob Kramig
Sound Mixer: Chris Dowske
Assistant Costume Designer: Taylor Casteen
Key Make-up: Brooke Davis Darwin
Art Lead Man: Taylor Casteen
Production Assistants: Mike Schill & Kate Henrikson

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Cameron Thrower - 28.02.2018
Hi everyone! Writer/ Director of "Pretty Boy" here.... Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the love and support for our little film, "Pretty Boy". The cast and crew love reading your personal stories in the comments. Thank you for sharing and continuing to shine "pretty" people! You continue to inspire us <3
KAW2017 - 19.02.2019
when he was in the woman’s apartment crying I was just like “HUG HIM”
Amae Rhodes - 19.02.2019
Who put a bowl of onions near me gotdammit
Nuki Necromance - 19.02.2019
Ok, this was awesome and brought me to tears BUT can we please take a moment to appreciate how good he looked in her fur coat 😍
Dr DanDy - 19.02.2019
This guy has the ability to sleep in the bath tub He has godly powers
Seif Taha - 19.02.2019
Came to dislike bye
Katrine Kitty - 19.02.2019
But.. Where did Katie go!?
Stijn Dijkman - 19.02.2019
This movie is absolutely beautiful
Skeptical QueerLad - 19.02.2019
Thankfully I’ve never been even remotely close to this situation, but this was powerful. Thanks for this.
doga kurklu - 19.02.2019
This was so sweet i cried anyone going tru this #staystrong
moussa badaoui - 19.02.2019
سأترك لكم وتـــاب الخـاص ب طبيــب ★★00212621577701★ تشعر بالحرج مع زوجتك 😟 بسبـــــب المشــــــاكل الجنســـــية علاج صــــغر القضيب ✅ ضـــعـــف ا الإنتصاب✅ سرعة القذف
RELJA - 19.02.2019
Ala treba prebiti ove pedercine
Chow Mein Rainbows - 19.02.2019
Get. That. Pumpkin. Muffin.
Yelenia Castolo - 19.02.2019
"How are my boobs" "Cute" "Yup, you're gay" Best fucking shit ever😂😂
Emiliø Tørres - 19.02.2019
chimoccaw - 19.02.2019
does anyone know where i can download the ending credit song? its beautiful but i cant find the title. thanks!
joy steph - 19.02.2019
fuck the dad. he can go eat a dick like how his son wants one
joy steph - 19.02.2019
"how are my boobs" "cute" "yep, your gay"
Banana Oh Na Na - 19.02.2019
Katie is honestly such a boss
Banana Oh Na Na - 19.02.2019
“Take off your pants.” *Proceeds to take off shirt*

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