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  • Видео добавлено : 09.02.2017
  • Автор клипа: Cameron Thrower
  • Продолжительность музыкального ролика: 32:4
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Sean is taken to a motel and is given a prostitute for his 18th birthday by his father. He must sleep with her to "fix" his questionable homosexuality.

"Pretty Boy" is a coming of age story of a young bullied teen, Sean, struggling with his sexuality and the hardships of high school. After his father finds some questionable magazines in his room, this devout Christian will go to any lengths to get his son to find the light and "perform" the way a man should. Sean is introduced to Katie, a prostitute that understands the stigmas of modern society and helps him see the true light that is within him.

"Pretty Boy" is meant to inspire our youth to follow their hearts, to seek out their true family if "...the family they were born into isn't the family they're meant to be with."

Nick Eversman ()
Rebekah Tripp ()
Jon Briddell (

Director/ Writer/ Producer: Cameron Thrower ()

Director of Photography: Jesse Aragon ()

Music By: Lillard Anthony

Production Designer: Gustavo Ramos
Editor: Cameron Thrower
Associate Producers: Mike Chodler, Wiley Ho, Corey Cloos, Anne Montavon, Jeremy Rodriguez, & Tom Scorer

Costume Designer: Gustavo Ramos
Production Manager: Anne Montavon
First Assistant Director: Jeremy Rodriguez
Gaffers: Doug Potts & Brad Wilder
Best Boys: Nick Federoff & Rob Kramig
Sound Mixer: Chris Dowske
Assistant Costume Designer: Taylor Casteen
Key Make-up: Brooke Davis Darwin
Art Lead Man: Taylor Casteen
Production Assistants: Mike Schill & Kate Henrikson

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Cameron Thrower - 28.02.2018
Hi everyone! Writer/ Director of "Pretty Boy" here. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the love and support for our film, "Pretty Boy". The cast and crew love reading your personal stories in the comments. You continue to inspire us! Follow us on Instagram for new project updates! www.instagram.com/camthrow/
Kees Manuel - 19.05.2019
I have seen this film before, and liked it. Greetings to you all youtu.be/DUWoa2UYVv8
las vegg - 19.05.2019
This is my place . I got married and hurt my wife i cannot be husband i am really gay and that's me .
Prins Van Rotterdam - 19.05.2019
So wooow
3d movie - 19.05.2019
4:30 happy birthday
Evi Verbruggen - 18.05.2019
¨dad I want to tell you something: I like pumpkin muffins¨
taryn nicole ۵ - 18.05.2019
please get that boy an acting career. this was fucking AMAZING what the fuck
محض حلم - 18.05.2019
Llama_Lover232 - 18.05.2019
Pretty boy swag
vietnamemperor123461 - 17.05.2019
His face kinda look like shawn mendes.....
Romantic Baby Girl - 17.05.2019
Love ne 👇🔥
Abdo Abdo - 16.05.2019
Aylbdr Madison - 15.05.2019
_"If you wanna eat a pumpkin muffin, you eat a pumpkin muffin. And you don't let anybody deny you that fucking pumpkin muffin."_ I love her, lols. ^-^
Brandon Eissing - 15.05.2019
Hold my rainbow flag I'ma go get a pumpkin muffin
bri p. - 13.05.2019
his dimple, hes so cute bless 😭
depressed_fox - 12.05.2019
After this was done I looked at the time and said OH SHIT THIS WAS 32 MINUTES WOW
Zeasus Kamilla - 12.05.2019
Fantastic 💋
GalaxyMarshmallow Gacha - 11.05.2019
"Salt and vinegar or sour cream and onion?" "um, salt and vinegar" "correct" "pumpkin it is. Now how long have you liked pumpkin muffins?" "always?" "Now if you wanna eat a pumpkin muffin you eat a pumpkin muffin and you dont let anyone deny you that fuckin pumpkin muffin" AND I AM DEAD
Viola Sobieski - 10.05.2019
My friend who is gay came out with his work team and they bullied him to the point he broke. My friend called me one night for his last conversation with a nice girl and with a bit of time I figured out he had decided to commit suicide. I saved his life with the police and ambulance but he suffered brain damage and he has never been the same. This is the short version but I can never forgive myself for interfering because my friend is not the same person and his family know it. I can not forgive myself, I sooooo can not forgive myself for saving my friend who is a shadow of my friend. He now drinks and can not stop him doing it and I know if I let him die when he wanted it would be on his terms.
JDoesEdits - 10.05.2019
-hello there-

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