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  • Видео добавлено : 09.02.2017
  • Автор клипа: Cameron Thrower
  • Продолжительность музыкального ролика: 32:4
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Sean is taken to a motel and is given a prostitute for his 18th birthday by his father. He must sleep with her to "fix" his questionable homosexuality.

"Pretty Boy" is a coming of age story of a young bullied teen, Sean, struggling with his sexuality and the hardships of high school. After his father finds some questionable magazines in his room, this devout Christian will go to any lengths to get his son to find the light and "perform" the way a man should. Sean is introduced to Katie, a prostitute that understands the stigmas of modern society and helps him see the true light that is within him.

"Pretty Boy" is meant to inspire our youth to follow their hearts, to seek out their true family if "...the family they were born into isn't the family they're meant to be with."

Nick Eversman ()
Rebekah Tripp ()
Jon Briddell (

Director/ Writer/ Producer: Cameron Thrower ()

Director of Photography: Jesse Aragon ()

Music By: Lillard Anthony

Production Designer: Gustavo Ramos
Editor: Cameron Thrower
Associate Producers: Mike Chodler, Wiley Ho, Corey Cloos, Anne Montavon, Jeremy Rodriguez, & Tom Scorer

Costume Designer: Gustavo Ramos
Production Manager: Anne Montavon
First Assistant Director: Jeremy Rodriguez
Gaffers: Doug Potts & Brad Wilder
Best Boys: Nick Federoff & Rob Kramig
Sound Mixer: Chris Dowske
Assistant Costume Designer: Taylor Casteen
Key Make-up: Brooke Davis Darwin
Art Lead Man: Taylor Casteen
Production Assistants: Mike Schill & Kate Henrikson

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beezy8888 - 05.03.2018
Hello to all!  I'm Rebekah 'Don't Let anyone Deny you that Pumpkin Muffin' Tripp, a.k.a. Katie.  I am blown away by the support and the love that Pretty Boy has received.  As a producer on the film I had the honor of working on this project from start to finish and it was an amazing journey.  Cameron Thrower is the beating heart of this piece and to find that his story and this message resonates with so many, is such a gift.  To those in the LGBTQ community that have lived this, I say thank you.  Thank you for your courage, your bravery, and your amazing spirit. Thank you for fighting to find the light.  Thank you for not only telling 'your' truth but telling THE truth about who you are.  For those that are still struggling.  You are not alone. We are standing beside you.  This is your film.  It is for YOU.  There is a place for you in this world and you may not be standing in it in this moment, but it exists.  It is a place that is safe and filled with love.  Find it.  Don't stop until you do. You are beautiful and brilliant and perfect AS.YOU.ARE. The cast and crew on this project were some amazing and talented beings.  I know that they join me when I say that I am truly humbled by your love and grace.  Thank you for watching Pretty Boy.  Thank you for receiving it with such wonderfully open arms. I am so grateful.
[STAR LPS STYDIO ] - 17.11.2018
Он и правда очень милий 💕😻
Jonny F. - 17.11.2018
Can we get an *F* in the chat ? Joking great short movie
John Lester - 17.11.2018
I want to be friends with Katie haha She's nice
elian.v - 17.11.2018
god i want a fairy god hooker
Madinater - 17.11.2018
Like, I totally want to be gay, as in be a boy who likes a boy. Is that weird for a girl?
Madinater - 17.11.2018
I don't know how to tell my mom that I'm Bi, if anyone has some ideas???.... She won't care but....... And oh my God, I think I want to be a guy. Like, I fucking love myself, but I don't feel like being a girl. I want to be a boy. Is that weird? Like I know, who the fuck cares about a "Madinator" over here but I'm like freaking out because I just now realized I wanted to be a boy and there's no one in my family who's transgender.
Mr.Mrs. KoolCake - 17.11.2018
Ugh. This is terrible. Who puts a shirt on before underwear and/or pants?
OfficialEmilyMsp - 17.11.2018
awe she was like a mom....kinda xD
OfficialEmilyMsp - 17.11.2018
hes so hawt to );
OfficialEmilyMsp - 17.11.2018
romario armando - 17.11.2018
This was beautiful!
Dion Geter - 17.11.2018
He so handsome......that letter broke me at the end.....love this little film very touching
Dion Geter - 17.11.2018
13:22 he is so cute....his dimple 🙈
Kendra Moore - 17.11.2018
Don’t let anyone deny you that fuckin pumpkin muffin got it?😂
Railson Reis - 17.11.2018
Não sou capaz de opinar, porque não tenho palavras achei tudo simplesmente perfeito.
Olivia S - 17.11.2018
I cried lordy
Juan Morales - 17.11.2018
Ésa puta tan fea !
Rubelangel xReal - 16.11.2018
Katie marry me
Ella Reid - 16.11.2018
His dad was shook when he saw him wearing socks in bed

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