Смотреть клип - CROSSFAITH - Omen (Official Music Video)

  • Видео добавлено : 01.06.2011
  • Автор клипа: Tragic Hero Records
  • Продолжительность музыкального ролика: 4:19
  • Рейтинг просмотра онлайн: 46910
  • Скачано: 5181714
  • Рубрика бесплатного онлайн видео: Музыка

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The new video from CROSSFAITH on their debut American release - THE DREAM THE SPACE available everywhere September 13

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Adrian De La Cruz - 20.07.2018
Finally the video is avaiable in my country again! man Im so happy, this is the very first song that got me introduced to Crossafith! Also, I always confused this one with Monolith for some reason...
Gothic Of Raven - 19.07.2018
Pokipati - 19.07.2018
i have this as my ringtone for at least 3 years now
AKhira47 - 16.07.2018
mirip dandut indo :3
Aaron Cross - 13.07.2018
Their drummer is incredibly talented
Grey Virus - 11.07.2018
TheTchoumsy - 06.07.2018
I really really hope my neighbors are going to love this song:
Midnight Howl - 05.07.2018
i can die peacefully now that i have found this band
Guillermo Sanchez - 01.07.2018
Saw them yesterday on download Madrid and well... Very incredible and powerful performance 10/10 👌
Stéphane Keldan - 28.06.2018
Download was awesome !
Anna Oggier - 28.06.2018
omg this i have been looking for!! this is GREAT!!! love the different styles!!!!
Jeff Killer - 26.06.2018
You would have a camera above
Arnaud van der Straten Ponthoz - 25.06.2018
Sickest band on GMM 2018
crumpled up piece of paper - 24.06.2018
Still listening in 2018 because this song is the fucking shit.
James Harris - 20.06.2018
I don't if it's not English this song is awesome
FPortman - 18.06.2018
Amazing song OMEN.
笹岡デラックス - 14.06.2018
ワンオクの対バンで初めて目にして以来首ったけです カッコいい ちなみに、カバー曲だって知ったのは最近です笑
Jntthekiller - 11.06.2018
The Song is from 2011, but in 2018 my Heart still gets faster by hearing it!
SirJambon - 26.05.2018
I've just discovered Japanese metal and this is a great place to start. Totally love this, and the sample is perfect. As a fan of The Prodigy I still really find this amazing. So good
Stéphane Keldan - 18.05.2018
One of my best metalcore + indus band. I'm +1 fan. And the Japan touch is just unique. Bravo !

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