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  • Видео добавлено : 11.09.2018
  • Автор клипа: NickiMinajAtVEVO
  • Продолжительность музыкального ролика: 5:1
  • Рейтинг просмотра онлайн: 1025416
  • Скачано: 51854737
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Barbie Dreams (Official Video)

Stream / Download Album “Queen” Here:

Connect with Nicki:

Video Director: Hype Williams
Video Producers: Hype Williams & Keith Brown
Video Editor: Eric Hughes
for HW Worldwide

Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Barbie Dreams. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records

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chemia Felix - 22.10.2018
Love you 😘😘😘💯
Darnell Nesbit - 22.10.2018
Why she teasin me like that 😩
SHISTER SUPREME - 22.10.2018
3:53 ❤ 4:23 ❤ 4:30 ❤ 4:44 ❤
Mazie May - 22.10.2018
4.50 my favourite part😲😂😂😂
Aerial Reed - 22.10.2018
She roasted everybody
Math Singleton - 21.10.2018
don't rlly like this song :l,i mean in my opinion barbie tingz was better
Lavoniee Baleecore - 21.10.2018
I love hrr at the end it brings my her old ways i love the original nicki
KeYarah Welch - 21.10.2018
mathias rasmussen - 21.10.2018
Wonder how many times she said pussy in this video. This is really shitty and not important. I don't care who she wants to fuck. The funny thing is that i don't believe any single word she said thru the entire song. She is not that tough. It's just an image - and a shitty and ridculous one. She is not making anybody smarter by stating how powerful and tough she is, and how little she care about anything but herself. The only thing this image leads to is teenage girsl trying to be like her, but it is not possible, because she is not like that in real life. Nodoby is. This ain´t real. It's just shitty entertaining. This will be the first and last time i see this.
XxTessaxX :p - 21.10.2018
Does she get thicker in every video or is that just me???
Kerry Smithyman - 21.10.2018
That muppet in the beginning had me DYINGGGG what was THAT GEOFFREY 😂😂😂
La La - 21.10.2018
Huncho Dreams don’t have a grain of sand on this track. “I know what these niggas like and it ain’t my charm”. Hard album 🔥🔥🔥⚡️⚡️
e B - 21.10.2018
👍👍👍🙆Nicki music is the shit!!!🙆
Hana Lilic - 21.10.2018
The song should've ended at 3:38. The beat was very good, the flow was good, but then everything after 3:38 sucked.
Crystal White - 21.10.2018
Wow just straight mutilated herself 😯 Too beautiful for that.
Victoria Luchico - 21.10.2018
Cardi who??
Deona Abazi - 21.10.2018
My friend calls me niga but he gets everything I need 😂
Ameera Shaw - 21.10.2018
Uh R.I.P. to B.I.G Classic shit I'm looking for a nigga to give some babies A hand full of Weezy’s, a sprinkle of Dave East Man, I ain't got no type, like Jxmmi and Swae Lee But if he can't fuck three times a night, peace I tried to fuck 50 for a powerful hour All the nigga wanna do is talk power for hours Beat the pussy up make sure it's a K-O Step your banks up like you movin' that yayo Somebody go and make sure Karrueche okay though I heard she think I'm tryna give the coochie to Quavo They always wanna beat it up, goon up the pussy Man, maybe I should let him autotune up the pussy All these Bow Wow challenge niggas lying and shit Man, these Fetty Wap niggas stay eyeing my shit Drake worth a hundred milli, always buying me shit But I don't know if the pussy wet or if he crying and shit Meek still be in my DMs, I be having to duck him "I used to pray for times like this" Face ass when I fuck him Man, Uzi is my baby, he ain't takin' an L But he took it literally when I said "go to hell" Used to fuck with Young Thug, I ain't addressing this shit Caught him in my dressing room stealing dresses and shit I used to give this nigga with a lisp tests and shit How you want the pussy? Can't say your s's and shit Dreams of fucking one of these little rappers I'm just playing, but I'm saying Dreams of fucking one of these little rappers I'm just playing, but I'm saying Dreams of fucking one of these little rappers I'm just playing, but I'm saying Dreams of fucking one of these little rappers I'm just playing, but I'm saying I remember when I used to have a crush on Special Ed Shoutout Desiigner, 'cause he made it out of special ed You wanna fuck me, you gotta give some special head 'Cause this pussy had these niggas on some special meds Like Mike Tyson, he was biting my shit Talking 'bout "yo, why you got these niggas fighting and shit" On the real, I should make these niggas scrap for the pussy Young M.A., Lady Luck, get the strap for this pussy, uh And I would've had Odell Beckham banging the cake 'Til I saw him hopping out of cars dancing to Drake I been a five-star bitch, man, word to Gotti I'ma do that nigga Future dirty, word to Scotty Had to cancel DJ Khaled, boy, we ain't speaking Ain't no fat nigga telling me what he ain't eating YG and The Game with the hammer yelling "gang, gang" This isn't what I meant when I said a gang bang Tekashi wanna menage, I said Tre-Way Curved him and went the Kim and Kanye way Em copped the Barbie Dreamhouse and you can play the part I ain't tryna bust it open in the trailer park Dreams of fucking one of these little rappers I'm just playing, but I'm saying Dreams of fucking one of these little rappers I'm just playing, but I'm saying Dreams of fucking one of these little rappers I'm just playing, but I'm saying Dreams of fucking one of these little rappers I'm just playing, but I'm saying Barbie dreams Barbie dreams I'm just playing, but I'm saying Barbie dreams You know I'm all about them dollars I be supporting them scholars I let him give me some brain But he wanted me to ride it So I said, "fuck it, I'm in" He want a cut like a trim And if he act like he know, I let him fuck it again I got them bars, I'm indicted I'm popping, I'm uninvited I said just lick on the clitoris nigga, don't fucking bite it I ride his, in a circle I turn Stefan into Urkel I go around and around and I'ma go down in slow motion Then I pick it up, look at it I said, "daddy, come get at it, " uh Yellow brick road, he said I am a wiz at it Yeah, they want it, want it You know I flaunt it, flaunt it I'm a trendsetter Everything I do, they do Yeah, put up 'em on it, on it Dimelo papi, papi Yo quiero sloppy, sloppy I'll give it to you if you beat it up like Pacqui, Pacqui I'ma kill 'em with them shoe No ceiling is in the roof And I'm BIG, give me the loot, twelve cylinders in the Coupe I get dome with the chrome, now tell 'em when I'ma shoot I just bang, bang, bang, real killers is in my group Gorillas is in my unit, vacationin' where it's humid And I shine, shine, shine I got diamonds all in my Cubans I'm in LA Times more then when niggas lootin' And my flow spit crack, I think that niggas usin' He done bodied everybody, in closing these bitches losin' Using, using, up a bitch moving No I ain't Studdard, no no, I ain't Ruben Damn, a bitch snoozin' Shoutout to my Jews, l'chaim Rick Rubin Big fat titties yes, they be protruding I be like, fuck 'em, fuck 'em, bring the lube in I be like fuck 'em, fuck 'em, bring the lube in
Chris Garcia - 21.10.2018
Apple Uwaifo - 21.10.2018
This is messed up

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