Смотреть клип - 3 WEIRD GAMES #2

  • Видео добавлено : 09.07.2018
  • Автор клипа: Markiplier
  • Продолжительность музыкального ролика: 52:5
  • Рейтинг просмотра онлайн: 88694
  • Скачано: 2871372
  • Рубрика бесплатного онлайн видео: Компьютерные игры

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These 3 games have some WEIRD gameplay! The first game is controll by ME SINGING!! Thankfully it doesn't have to be very good...
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Shaade - 21.11.2018
@39:00 - Marrrrrk...you've never watched the X-Files? ._.
Connor Rk800 - 20.11.2018
1:03 Mark: LALADALDLA ME:.... *STAMPEDE RUN ACROSS SCREEN* MARK:....OKAY don't know what that was about?
Kaolin Crowdis - 20.11.2018
Even I, a cat person, approve the 2nd game. 10/5
Willow The white winged wolf - 20.11.2018
Omg MARKS SINGING VOICE IS ANGELIC but in this episode its very apparent that mark loves dogs and at 39:43 I was almost sure my iPad froze
iiJennyii - 20.11.2018
Mark your voice is perfection even when you try to sing horribly.
Jasmin Cooper - 19.11.2018
Im literally crying the last game.. HAHA I love his accents!!
Kade Kemberling - 18.11.2018
Markiplier actually has a good singing voice
Kade Kemberling - 18.11.2018
Calm down doodle bob
___ammar ___ - 18.11.2018
Mihoj minoj hahaha
toffee box gaming - 17.11.2018
This video makes me wonder if marks balls droped
Ethan Davis - 17.11.2018
With the French accent, you sounded like Mr.Tuddball from the carol burnett show. also i think the candle is a sort of timer
Ashley JS - 17.11.2018
not gonna lie mark your a lyrical miracle
Arianna Piccirillo - 16.11.2018
You have a pretty voice.
tnsprt - 16.11.2018
I feel like Im in an Opera right now xD
Sheen The been - 16.11.2018
“Wow theres so many people here and I still don’t know anybody” .... mark I know da pup not no one else
Jennifer Walton - 15.11.2018
This video really shows off your deep voice!! I'm wondering still, how low can your voice ACTUALLY go? Let me know. Keep up the amazing videos.
Andi white - 15.11.2018
WHAT IF THAT WAS PEACH, SAVING THE WORLD FROM DARKNESS!!!!! (for those who don't know what I'm talking about look up the game called "my time at portia". For those who do know the game: Peach saved the world from darkness right?! SO WHAT IF THAT WAS PEACH?!)
Wai Ko Linn - 14.11.2018
20:40 yeah very nice song that you sang
Angelina Herrera - 14.11.2018
You should do opera man yah good marky xD
Definitely Trump. - 13.11.2018
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