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Смотреть клип Sasuke's Funny Fights and Epic Battle with Naruto - Uchiha Sasuke's Problem AMV онлайн бесплатно в качестве

Naruto and Sasuke's Funny Fights, their bickering yet they cooperate and work together as a team.

This AMV is all about Sasuke's friendship with Naruto and Sakura as a member of Team 7. He was nice, gave an importance to his team as he view them as his family. They had fun on their journeys and made a bond on the long run. But his hatred and revenge made him changed and he cut his ties with Naruto and Sakura. He fought his brother Uchiha Itachi but when he learned the truth Danzo was behind of all of it, he killed him. He teamed up again with the Team 7 and they fought Madara and Kaguya. He also fought hard with Naruto who is trying to save him from his darkness. Naruto who is a friend to him didn't give up on him. He came to his realization and accept his defeat.

Okay, first of all this is my first AMV of Naruto with all about Sasuke. Not that I hate him before or what. I was a SasuSaku fan before NaruSaku. It's just that I view Naruto and Sakura better no I mean a lot better. But when Sasuke changed for the better, manning up and even turned into a hot Papa Sasuke then that's good. I know he did a lot of mistakes in his life but after the 4th great ninja war, he tried to redeem himself in every possible way. He even declined to put prosthetic arm for him as a price for his wrong doings. Though this adult Sasuke has only one arm, he can still kicks ass. Actually I like the Adult Sasuke better. He's a good person now. He is like Itachi in terms of attitude, the way of thinking like securing a bright future for Konoha and protecting the village behind the shadows, has this peaceful on his face now. Calm, loves his wife Sakura (when he was out in the village, he ignored all the messages that was sent to him but when Sakura kidnapped he quickly returns to the village to save her) and his daughter Sarada ofcourse and cooperating with Naruto and the rest of the other kages.

I'm also planning to make a Sasuke and Sakura AMV. :)
It's been 3 years that I don't make AMV of Naruto.
The last Naruto AMV I made was year 2013 this video if you haven't seen it
When my NaruSaku ship sank I was like... I'm not gonna continue to watch Naruto anymore and I was so sad :( And my hubby didn't download Naruto episodes and didn't watch too (coz he's obsessed on Attack on Titan LOL). I did not watch Naruto maybe for 1 and half year. When I've read the 1st Chapter of Naruto Gaiden I was like WTF Kishimoto, are you trolling again and I didn't continue reading it. To be honest I lost my interest. But when Boruto the movie came out I give myself a chance to watch it since it's the very last movie and I wanna know what happened too. And ever since I watched it, I was really impressed of Naruto especially Sasuke. He is really a nice person now and somehow my old SasuSaku feels came back and I start to continue reading the Gaiden. Slowly I accepted Sakura ended with Sasuke coz the Novel and Gaiden gives justice to this couple and somehow Naruto is happy too. So basically it was the adult Sasuke pulled me back to watch Naruto again and made me decided to make an AMV. So after a long hiatus of not making a Naruto AMV, this Sasuke AMV is my first. :)
Glad I'm back again and I made this AMV because I'm in a right mood!

If you want my updates about incoming AMVs, just view my google plus. Sometimes I post screenshot of my AMV work in progress.

Meanwhile, I'll be out for awhile. You may leave your comment and I'll catch you later.

Disclaimer: I do not own the music and the anime. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

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