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Vol 05: NEW!!!!!
All rights of musicians reserved

Y recordad que aunque Scorpions no es pop la balada Still Loving You fue un exito muy comercial.

01- Children of bodom- Oops I Did It Again- Original by Britney Spears
02 - Firewind - Maniac - Original by Flashdance Soundtrack
03 - In this moment - Call me - Original by Blondie
04 - Twilght Guardians - La isla bonita - Original by Madonna
05 - Northen Kings - We don't need another hero - Original by Tina Turner
06 - Yngwie Malmsteen - Gimme gimme gimme - Original by Abba
07 - Jaded Heart - Paid my dudes - Original by Anastacia
08 - Doro Pesh - White weeding - Original by Billy Idol
09 - Sonata Arctica - Still loving you - Original by Scorpions
10 - Lillasyster - Umbrella - Original by Rihanna
11- Disturbed - Land of confusion - Original by Genesis
12- Lacuna Coil - Enjoy the silence - Original byDepeche Mode
13 - Dragonland - Neverending story- Original by Limah
14 - Gamma Ray - Its a sin - Original by Pet Shop Boys
15 - Paragon - Lasrger than life - Original by Backstreet Boys
16 - Turisas - Raputin - Original by Boney M.
17 - Elvenking - Heaven is a place on earth - Belinda Carlisle

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Iván Rodrigo Fretes López - 22.12.2018
Scorpions "pop". You gotta be kidding
Eva - 31.07.2017
genial mix!!! I adore covers !!!
SlayHer - 24.04.2017
its funny how I already listen to these covers all the time 😂
tchefo tchefoo - 18.04.2017
Missing ABBA Metal - Sargant Fury - Eagle www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1oSAwbIWXs
drew - 12.04.2017
I think iprevails cover of blank space should have made this list
mark collins - 02.04.2017
Murder Dolls did a good cover of white wedding. Doro not so much.
Rafael 82 - 01.04.2017
the death stars made a cool one on the white wedding. check it out.
Ангел Пасков - 30.03.2017
lmao....whats with the title "paid my DUDES"
zephiro l - 24.03.2017
lol all of these morons complaining about scorpions/billy etc. it's based on the song, not the artist. Which the songs in question are indeed all pop.
mike poole - 30.01.2017
What about Therion - "Summernight City" originally by ABBA
Steve Ricardo - 19.01.2017
Cool. ... hey swing by my page... I subscribed
Andraste Reminiec - 23.12.2016
How could you have forgotten this metal pop covers? Lay all your love on me -Helloween......( Abba)
Kayla Levay - 01.12.2016
This is just what I was looking for. Northern Kings really captured my attention since they aren't on US Itunes and they have amazing covers.
erhaer lknölj - 24.11.2016
WHAT THE HELL!!!! SCORPIONS HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN POP!!!!! They are rock & roll band just like Motörhead
Boondock Saint - 06.10.2016
Billy Idol and Scorpions are not pop and 95% of the covering bands/musicians are not metal by any stretch of imagination. Total garbage!
M&M RADIO - 18.06.2016
Que tal amigos, si gustan pueden pasar por mi canal para ver mis Tops. SALUDOS.
MikuPinky - 25.04.2016
Still Loving You from the Scorpions didn't need any change :')
Horacio Avellaneda - 08.04.2016
mg como lo editaste me voy hacer un CD con esta listas
san2man - 12.03.2016
btw Lacuna Coil's cover of REM Loosing My Religion is an eargasm --> www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPq_Ueo92zA You may like trash/grind (and utterly innovative) cover of Maniac by a French band called Carnival In Coal : www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxLSVT_7j-A ! Enjoy Great work BTW
MrRizeePalevo - 19.12.2015
sonata arctica is pop, not scorpions))))

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