Смотреть клип - Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

  • Видео добавлено : 11.10.2017
  • Автор клипа: BETNetworks
  • Продолжительность музыкального ролика: 4:35
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Eminem is back! And he's in classic bar-for-bar form going kamikaze at Donald Trump from his Detroit home. The cyphers went crazy too. Peep.

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Straight Edge - 12.12.2018
Delete all songs of this cocksucker
Mell Dat DreadHead - 12.12.2018
Em Is Whack, He look Like Trump & Wayne Is The Goat
JoseKaws - 12.12.2018
Cody Vessel - 12.12.2018
Dissed Trump awww how original 😂
richie l - 12.12.2018
What a wigger!
Cheyenne Neapetung - 11.12.2018
Yo trump is my friend, yo the USA doesn’t even give him a salary, stop being mean shit Colson too. Love you Marshall.
Daniel Trueblood - 11.12.2018
Kamila K K - 11.12.2018
„Rips”? In which part exactly? :D #MAGA
DA-FCUKIN ROOSTER - 11.12.2018
you fcuking hypocrit . talkin smack about some1 who says the same shit you did, i remember listening to you as a kid, an educated motherfcuker who made life his bitch. but now were 20 years on, and im saying weres the real slim shady gone, you used to be bout chilling on porches and spitting a song, were did it go wrong, you used to matter, now your selling out served up on a silver platter, this doesnt matter to the real marshall mathers, cause the real eminem would make a great fcukin fcukin joke, or maybe not just spaz out at them. you need to go home and listen to the beats, walk the same street with the feet that created motherfcukin shaaaaaadyy, yeah the real og, not this guy who rags on trump for his publicists pornography. i still have faith that you wont let me down, yes this leaves a mark, but to me your the crown. the white boy growing up just like me, who slept on rags, and also saw his mother od, you see, you could relate to me, when i couldnt fcukin sleep i'd put on a rap cd, id dissapear with the beat, listening to real m.c's you ilcluded in my home i was tutored, not on education but how to make people do shit. i can honestly say you saved my life, but you need to accept you did the same shit as trump did, now im not a trump supporter, i dislike what hes done from new york to california, i think the imigrant child theft is wack, i think it needs to go back because atleast under bush you could escape east iraq. but thats not to say that i dont have respect, cause like it or not hes the best we get for 4 years, maybe instead of fighting him somebody should guide him in to the path of enlightenment, i dont mean to dis-respect but this isnt your best, but he is still our god damn president. wich means show him the way, no shit he cant lead if half the country wont say and spray of all the wishes the prey, like there sone not getting shot or another dead cop or another minority dead at a random car stop. you see my point here is that its not ok, your helping distract the people from the real problems at bay. you think trump hates that there listening to you, he probably likes it and most likely approves, cause your taking attention away from kim jon 2, from the guns in the street to the local news. your name instead of real examples..... eight people killed Tuesday in the terror attack in Lower Manhattan october 2017 New York City truck attack..... you see the timelines, this was probably un-heard of out side of new york because of this dis album. cause i didnt hear till 5 weeks later when i saw a crying stranger with a baby in the manger, so i walked up and i asked her whats wrong she howed me the article and said my boyfriends gone, thats when my heart disolved, all i could see from that was her life unfold. so you see, stop doing what your told be the mother fcukin lion that only marshal mathers can withhold also yes my spelling is off, i have autism, dyslexia and a box for a home, yet still i found a way to write down this song, in the hopes that it gets you to a better self cause im truly a fan but youve been tainted by wealth. at the least whats the worst that can happen, you go back to detroit and then leave with discretion. yes i know my lyrics may suck but they have meaning behind them so read and take it seriously, peace out from your #1 fan since 1995
mpakwilk - 11.12.2018
" and he's orange" Woah did he roast him, Donald resign now LOL
I like potato - 11.12.2018
I would like the number 9 with a side of salty comments and a medium pepsi
Thelonious Sheafe - 11.12.2018
I just wish that he had done the studio album where he released a track dissing Trump like he did with George Bush
Anna Hayes - 10.12.2018
Love how he decided to deliver this raw rap no beat as to not distract from the issues he is speaking on. Ppl that didnt like dosnt appreciate hip hops history rawest form and prolly rocking M.A.G.A. hat behind the key board
w47willrise ? - 10.12.2018
Ulises Medina - 10.12.2018
Left an Right call for free speech. Yet one another argues for intolerance of the other Sounds like a political catch 22 I been drawn lines in the sand against those who are for racism, an hate. Not because I’m a Latino, not because I’m anti trump. But because this country is a lot bigger then me. An we got kids, an babies with no fathers. An we got homies in need of homes. An we got starvee’s in need of Arbys. An we got guns that lack control. An we got too many problems to still be arguing. How many people we gonna need to put in he ground before we get this right? When legal guns in America only exist to keep white people safe, yet we minorities live in fear everyday. Remember if you white, and a racist. We kept it light, but we’ve made our cases. Come 2045 we’ll see who wants there needs addressed.
Destiny Alexander - 10.12.2018
Donald the bich
Deli_ YT - 10.12.2018
The dislikes are trump fans
Tyler Durden - 10.12.2018
I remain both a Trump supporter and an Eminem fan. He and I don't have to agree on everything in the world for me to be a fan of him.
Prokidgamer360 - 10.12.2018
Eminem is the greatest rapper alive
Mahdi Eshghi - 10.12.2018
As. 🇮🇷

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