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  • Видео добавлено : 27.10.2010
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Ed Sheeran performing "Wake Me Up" for BalconyTV
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Despite only turning 19 in February 2010, Ed Sheeran is more experienced than his age would suggest. With two albums and two EPs already under his belt, Ed shares his time between living in London, where he writes, records and gigs, and his home town of Framlingham, Suffolk. Since winning the 2008 Next Big Thing competition in East Anglia, Ed has attracted a flurry of high profile gigs, interviews and press coverage as well as the attention of drum and bass legend, Goldie. After seeing him play live in London, Goldie commented: 'I was really impressed.... I think he's going to be giant.' The two have since worked together.
Ed has written and recorded over 100 songs, some 30 of which are included on The Orange Room EP (2005) and his first two albums, Ed Sheeran (2006) and Want Some? (2007). Ed has also recently produced a new EP called You Need Me, which features five new tracks, including The City, a crowd favourite about his experiences of living in London. CDs and downloads are available from his website.

Ed gigs several times a week, mostly playing electric acoustic guitar with vocals and beat box looped live. In the past 12 months he has done nearly 300 gigs around the UK, including Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham and York. His music is described as blending acoustic and folk with hip hop beats.

Ed has supported many well-known acts, as varied as Example, Nizlopi, Gabriela Cilmi, Josephine Oniyama, Jay Sean, Mongrel, Pete Murray, and the Noisettes. He is currently supporting Just Jack on his UK tour.

Ed has also collaborated with Scorcher, Thomas Jules, Slix and Wretch 32, and worked with a variety of producers and song-writers, including Amy Wadge, Si Hulbert, Jake Gosling and Jack McManus.

BBC Introducing and BBC Blast have both recently produced features on Ed.

Tune in tomorrow!!!

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Tim Nyathi - 10.10.2017
So good how he adds in the chorus of "hold yuh"...
Ert D - 04.09.2017
You are snowflakes now. You are much beautiful. Nice Ed Sheeran with Taylor swift married in real time. Good, peace out😹😹.
Ert D - 04.09.2017
Man don't wake me up. I love you more.
FaceDownMusik - 02.09.2017
Wow! We have just watched this and its moving to see and think about the whole musical journey Ed Sheeran went through. It is very rare success comes overnight, this young man has moved and inspired so many!
Jamie Mathieson - 26.08.2017
He pronounced "Sheeran" wrong... ugh
elisabeth moss - 19.08.2017
Best version of this song. I love the extra little bridge.
Jose Antonio Gomez Cano - 30.07.2017
Ed Sheeran before eyebrows
Donxsm - 27.06.2017
Ed looks so shy! so LOVELY <3
Arka Nandy Official - 14.06.2017
Running around everywhere doing countless gigs and promoting himself anywhere he can . Dude deserves every single thing he got.
Jack - CS:GO - 29.03.2017
He is literally the same person here as he is right now.. he has stayed so grounded even though he has absolutely millions up on millions of £ in his bank account. true star and i can safely say i've been a fan ever since i saw his balconytv debut with the city in 2008.
Milena B - 28.03.2017
still love this song❤ divide is out but these songs will stay forever in my heart :)
Kassi Beal - 23.03.2017
I remember watching this 6 years ago :) crazy how much he's changed
Miguel Moreno - 05.03.2017
LOL, how this shit can be that famous.
lidia siqueira - 27.02.2017
look at the camera lol
Ivan Gomes - 20.02.2017
Dea Dinside - 31.01.2017
ahhh young Ed😍
Roxana A Martínez - 25.01.2017
He is the cutest!
Amanda Campbell - 06.01.2017
Wow. I remember these days. Now he's coming out with his third album tonight. Hard work and dedication pays off.
Damon Ashley - 02.12.2016
ugly muthafucka getting tonnes of box just for being rich and famous.
asslookinass - 19.11.2016
i miss him so much <3

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