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From the 1982 Straight From The Heart

Rushen was born in Los Angeles, California on September 30, 1954, the eldest of two daughters born to her father and the former Ruth Harris. She demonstrated her musical potential at a young age; she was regarded as a child prodigy. In her teens, she won the prestigious 1972 Monterey Jazz Festival. She earned her degree in music from the University of Southern California. As a mature woman, she became a jazz master and top musical director.

Due to her musical talents, Rushen has made many ground-breaking achievements. She became the first woman to serve as head composer/musical director for the Grammy Awards and the Emmy Awards, the first woman to serve as musical director for the NAACP Image Awards broadcast, an honor she held for twelve consecutive years. Rushen has been the only woman to be a musical director/composer for the People's Choice Awards, HBO's Comic Relief and the only woman musical director/conductor/arranger for a late-night television talk show, The Midnight Hour which aired on CBS.

In addition, Rushen was named musical director/composer for Newsweek's first American Achievement Awards, broadcast on CBS from the Kennedy Center and she served as the musical director for Janet Jackson's World Tour, "janet."

In 2008, Rushen accepted a professorship at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, in Boston. The course is Patrice Rushen: The Value of Music Education.

She also continues to play keyboard and has played in the tour bands of Lee Ritenour and Wayne Shorter in recent years.
[edit] Solo career

Rushen has also achieved great success as a singer. A classically trained pianist, Rushen has spent great deal of time channeling her skills towards making great music. Winning a competition at the 1972 Monterey Jazz Festival put Patrice into the spotlight. The attention garnered from this earned her a contract with Prestige Records in 1973.

After recording three albums and becoming an in-demand session player, including with artists such as Jean-Luc Ponty, Rushen signed with Elektra Records in 1978. Forging an engaging jazz/R&B/funk fusion, this fresh mixture of styles gave her great success with a string of Top Ten R&B hits, including "Haven't You Heard," "Forget Me Nots," "Feels So Real," "Watch Out," "You Remind Me," and "Never Gonna Give You Up" from her first five albums (Patrice, Pizzazz, Posh, Straight From the Heart, and Now). Rushen also performed her single I Need Your Love on the hit show Soul Train in 1981. She also penned the opening theme for The Steve Harvey Show. Her mentor and friend is Quincy Jones. Rushen also plays multiple instruments including flute, piano, percussion, and clarinet.
ASCAP Songwriter's Award, 1988; USC Black Student Assembly, Legacy of Excellence Award, 1992; Crystal Award, American Women in Film, 1994; AS CAP Award, Most Performed Song in Motion Pictures for 1997 for "Men in Black," 1998.

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proud hypocrite - 18.08.2019
Who's listening to this forever even after death
Nora Aguilar - 18.08.2019
Reminiscing of the movie men in black specially will smith dance who still here in August 19??
MegaDiva1999 - 17.08.2019
Patrice Rushen is a Maestro....plays all those instruments, sings, arranges, composes. Powerful-we should have statues in her honour!
Rodolfo Ayala - 17.08.2019
Great memories in my disco 💃 Times. Amen 🙏🏻 💃🎶🇵🇷🇺🇸🙏🏻.
ThAdonis - 17.08.2019
The dislikes on this song are from frustrated people who realise their favourite song (insert generic crap rap tune that samples this) isn't original.
ThAdonis - 17.08.2019
She haz stole this melodie frum Men in Black. I go back to playig FortNite now.
Gil B - 17.08.2019
Oh la ligne de basse !!
Julius Neu - 17.08.2019
My Aunt was a great fan of her. Just imagine her reaction when my cousin told her he gets teached by her in college.
Kent Huang - 16.08.2019
I would love to see this as a Rupaul’s Drag Race LSFYL!
Hannah Veguilla - 16.08.2019
I love this song 🙂
Forbhidden Knowledge - 16.08.2019
Wow, back in the day, 2019
Alfredo Gonzalez - 15.08.2019
Here come the men in black... ay perdón, me equivoqué de letra :v
Phoenyx 787 - 15.08.2019
Listen to Chris Kogos' version of this song .... his cover is SOMEHOW so on point
Anastasia Zakharova - 14.08.2019
Creates my perfect mood😎🙆🏻‍♀️💃🏻 enjoy everyone✌️✌️😍
Chris Bird - 13.08.2019
Love this ❤️🇬🇧
taku funky - 13.08.2019
holy funky funk
Jim Steele - 13.08.2019
Love This Classic Song
BL1400 - 11.08.2019
I barely know this song and I can almost guarantee Nile Rodgers wrote it
steve humphries - 10.08.2019
"forget me not" mg x 1985
Paul Weis - 10.08.2019
Working the door .lighthouse nite Hopatcong nj. club. 1984

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