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  • Видео добавлено : 31.12.2016
  • Автор клипа: Piękno w dźwiękach zawarte
  • Продолжительность музыкального ролика: PT2H7M54S
  • Рейтинг просмотра онлайн: 4435
  • Скачано: 179263
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Смотреть клип #4. Depressive Suicidal Black Metal Compilation (DSBM) онлайн бесплатно в качестве

Hello! After couple of months of no having time I finally decided to create another compilation, which this time is Depressive Suicidal Black Metal. Most of sugestions in this compilation are taken from facebook group "Piękno w dźwiękach zawarte". I hope you'll enjoy (quite ironic when you look at content contained in this compilation).

Track Listing:
#1. Veil - Mater Maternis (00:00 - 06:06)
#2. Valefor - Screams of Suicide (06:07 - 14:59)
#3. Kalmankantaja - Yhdessä Kuoleman Säkeet Kohtaavat (15:00 - 25:08)
#4. Born An Abomination - Showered With Razors (25:09 - 34:22)
#5. Happy Days - Happy Days (34:23 - 42:54)
#6. Todessucht - Einsam Und Verlassen (42:55 - 53:10)
#7. Willoos - Wending I (53:11 - 01:02:43)
#8. Inquinamentum - Red Stained Sky (01:02:44 - 01:10:13)
#9. Ethereal Shroud - Look upon the Light (01:10:14 - 01:34:15)
#10. Cheerful Depression - Sleep Forever (01:34:16 - 01:38:51)
#11. Through the Pain - Time Heals Nothing (01:38:53 - 01:48:36)
#12. Thy Light- In my Last Mourning... (01:48:37 - 02:00:11)
#13. Suicidal Euphoria - Suicide Is The Only Way (02:00:12 - 02:07:53)

We as a group don't claim any rights to any songs contained in this compilation. All rights goes to artist or/and owners of this songs. If you like any of music in here, please, support artists by buying their songs or whole albums.

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ademir rosa da silva - 25.06.2019
por que vocês não se matam então e vão para o inferno!?cambada deotário!!!!!!
Anonimation Ghoul - 08.06.2019
Damn. I have depression and know i realize that i like Black metal. What a day🤘🔥
عبد العزيز العنزي - 04.06.2019
and i thought mcr songs are depressing lol
Mmorpg 10 - 31.05.2019
I am fine but I like this kind of music
John Hanson - 31.05.2019
One could say that you cant have a 70s binge a thon on tv without Happy Days...well one cant have a DSBM playlist without Happy Days.
lyndsay grey - 26.05.2019
bruh what the fuck is this doing in my recommended
ÍChristian Pérez Martínez - 23.05.2019
Nice songs like for the compilation
David Huertas Moya - 20.05.2019
Beautiful forest. I Love The Forest.
David Huertas Moya - 20.05.2019
Si te suicidas en este infierno, al instante resucitarás en el auténtico paraíso.
Маx World - 18.05.2019
музыко для того настроения когда тебя бросил любимый человек и на душе очень плохо . спасибо что сделали такую под борку
fluentfate - 17.05.2019
too many cheesy crap songs and bland vocals here
Senpai Yurisa - 15.05.2019
this is my feelings in one video O0O
Andrij Ruen - 14.05.2019
Jimmy Krimmer - 14.05.2019
20:40 bilnos macademia, BET true...kill
SᗯOᖇᗪ Oᖴ Sᗩ丅ᗩᑎ \666/ - 13.05.2019
I listen to this compilation when war is outside. HAILS FROM SYRIA......
Mey Italia - 10.05.2019
shanebehemoth - 07.05.2019
This is beautiful
Molly Love - 07.05.2019
How is this depressing???? I'm cleaning my house and cooking to it lol.🤟
Jaafar Al - 04.05.2019
The real depressing thing is the lack of tabs for these beautiful songs
Marcos Wendel - 01.05.2019
respect from brazil

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